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Why won't my pages print?


Are you getting a message
"no pages to print"
and a blank page comes your printer?

In most cases, it is due to a bug in versions of Netscape between 4.0 and 6.01.
It has been fixed in Netscape 6.01

Internet Explorer:
   IE1. Select some text on the page you wish to print.
   IE2. Select 'File' --> 'Print'.

You will be given three options:
   a: 'as laid out on screen'
   b: 'only selected frame'      [Note: this is the right-hand information frame]
   c: 'all frames individually'

  Select the printer you want to print to, then click 'OK'.

   N1. Select some text on the page you wish to print.
Select 'File' --> 'Print Frame'.
   N3. If you receive the error message, "There are no pages to print," please repeat steps 1-3.

If the above does not work:

both Internet Explorer and Netscape:

   Right click on the part of the frame that you want to print.
   Select 'Open Frame in New Window' [or similar text]
         A new browser window will open with that frame.
         Select 'File' ----> Print

Sorry that you have trouble, but we are not responsible for Netscape's problems!

Why are these pages so big? When planning this site we decided to:
   1. Have plenty of graphics to illustrate our activities
   2. Make all the information available on one frame so that you can print out all the information about one tour in a single whack!
We offer informed and unusual tours. It is difficult to make that apparent in a small space.
Finally, we have hope that bandwidth and speed levels will increase throughout the Web in the immediate future.
I am worried about altitude problems. What can you tell me? Altitude in general is not a problem if you go about things in the right way.
Why do you go to Nepal in the monsoon? Because the mountain flowers at that time are magnificent. If you choose where and when to travel it can be fabulous. See something of this splendour in our Flower Fields of Annapurna page.
What about the monsoon weather? The monsoon weather in Nepal very much depends on altitude and the 'rain shadow' which the Himalaya creates. In lowland areas and the middle hills it is hot, with trails made difficult because of washouts and mud. In the mountains where I take a botanical trek the situation is quite different.
'Dorje' is a name I see a lot in Tibetan writing. What is a 'dorje' and what does it mean? It is the symbolic thunderbolt of enlightenment .
Your tours seem very long and expensive, how come? Well, we craft each tour to give the best possible experience. This means that we build a lot of rest days into our treks; each tour or trek is accompanied by someone who has lived in that region or who is in some way an 'expert'; and because of our local knowledge we take time to visit special places that are of interest. All of this takes time and money. We suggest that you compare what we offer with what is available elsewhere.
We do recognise that many people do not have the time or money to come with us and that our trips might be scheduled at a time which does not suit. For that reason we offer a service for independent travellers which allows you to make use of our experience.
What is 'teahouse trekking'? It is where you trek and stay in small hosteleries along the trail. For the diffence between teahouse and 'full trek' check out our trekking page.

If you have a question, email us. We shall respond to you directly and may post the information into this FAQ page.

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